Sorry for the longest episode title ever, but, boybands happen this week...

Boybandologists Zoe and Amy fell into a boyband blackhole as they tell the story of new generation boyband Roadtrip, but traverse back in the boyband time machine to X Factor addicts 4th Ba5e, and come back to the present day via M4, The Young Hearts, Westend Boys, Boulevard, East 17 (for really!), Code Red, Brooklyn, Rewind, Triple J, GMD3 aka District 3, Union J, Overload aka Overload Generation, and bang up to date with Roadtrip.

It's all down to singing songwriting-XFactor addict Blair Dreelan, whose dance steps are printed across a multitude of boybands through the last two decades. 

Will this rich boyband legacy push any of them into the Ultimate Boyband Chart Top Ten? Or will they barely make a dent in our top 50?


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