Your favourite boybandologists, Amy and Zoe, are having their own mini-reunion and are back once again to regale you with tales of their adventures in boybanding. This week we fill you in on how we made a Jonas Brothers fan cry, a review of their teeny tiny gig at Pryzm in Kingston - JoTown in the Hometown, you!

And after what feels like an eternity waiting for June to come around: the O-Town gig in London is finally here. We got to have an exclusive chat with Jacob, Erik and Trevor backstage before the show - and we talk reunions, fans, new music and Lou Pearlman - and they give us their long, hard thought about decision on who is the Greatest Boyband ever. 

Lessons in boybandology continue with the next two tracks in The Ultimate Boyband playlist. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify here: 

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