Catch up with the latest from the world's only Boybandologists as Zoe makes Amy cry about Take That. 

There's two new tracks to add to the Ultimate Boyband Playlist: the Backstreet Boys and Duran Duran. 

(Listen to the playlist here: - we'll add to it every week). 

This episode our Boyband of the Week is replaced by We Need To Talk About Brian: a deep dive into what happened to East 17 lead singer Brian Harvey post-boyband, and why he's so much more than the guy who ran himself over after eating too many baked potatoes, ended up in a medically induced coma and thought he would never walk again.

We meet our new best friends, Ashley and Christine, the fangirls behind the premiere *NSYNC podcast, 'Girl Were You Alone?' Find out all about their journey to boyband podcasting, how it feels to be teetering on the edge of your boyband reunion, and that one time they met our *NSYNC favourite, Lance Bass. 

You can find Girl Were You Alone in all the same places you listen to us, or on instagram @girl_were_you_alone_podcast where they post all their best MS Paint work. 

And finally a quick update on our brief pre-summer hiatus as we juggle work, boybands and royalty.  

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